Examples Of My Future Dream Career

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My plan is to achieve my future dream career. People in the past do not have many choices about their future career. Most of people in the past like to continue their father or grandfather job rather than to find their own career. Buts, nowadays the situation is totally different because there a lot of choices about the future career and mostly people are independent of the family career. Even though there a lot of career it is seem not so easy to choose as we get older and step on the higher levels of education. I believe, most of us want to make a correct and best decision about our future dream career because it is important to determine our future life. Career is defined as a person’s course or progress through life. Career is also frequently understood to relate to the working aspects as an individual’s life for example as in career woman. Since I was at primary school I have thoughts about my future career, where I can achieve successful at the top place. I want in my future career, I able to use my ability to solving problem using my own formula especially in mathematical problems and share all knowledge that I have. At the same time I like my future career to be interesting, challenging and avoid that can bring boredom and less motivation. I myself already mind set my future career in the lecturer or accounting field. I am sure that this career is the most suitable for me which can full fill my life. I like to become a lecturer in economic, where it is connected
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