My Writing Goals

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As a student at the Lake Michigan College three goals that I want to achieve are, first is to complete my bachelor of science in Nursing in 2 years. Next is to become the best business women ever seen or heard all over the world. I want to step out from my comfort zone and accomplish those 2 goals that will change my whole life in the future. I want to learn. I want to feel or be challenged. I want to create something that is mine. Lastly I want to make my parents proud. I believe if I stick to my goals while studying at Lake Michigan College will be a successful experience. Moreover, to achieve these goals I plan on using academic services provided by the Lake Michigan College to strengthen my interpersonal skills, I also plan to take classes…show more content…
Social context, decision-making, subjectivity, and objectivity is a process of writing that takes place through language and over time. Those who are experienced writers use the system they developed when producing a piece of writing to the audience. Altogether these elements makes process of writing both interesting and challenging act-one that is valuable and complex. Writing is a process because everyone who is a writer reacts to something or someone. The writing context requires writers to have a sense of reader’s who experts a specific piece of writing. Level of vocabularies, punctuation, and where evidence is found in case there is one. All these provide a piece of context in writing. My best piece of writing is a book called Horizon the soul seeker. The author Alyson Noel wrote such a marvelous novel because this novel has an amazing plot, enjoyable story, extremely well written, and the author used literary writing. All of these reasons mentioned here, made me read almost all of Noel’s novels. I would love readers to understand the reasons of what I have learned throughout this semester, and more importantly, what makes a person a good writer or good writing. Moreover, I would like readers to not only understand all the information available in this portfolio but also understanding the purpose of my
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