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My passion for soccer
There is no greater feeling then when I step onto an iced over soccer field and hear the grass crunch beneath my feet. I love the soccer ball and everything to do with soccer. My best moments were in my high school soccer games as well as the most entertaining indoor soccer experiences. I’m glad I made the diction to join the soccer team back in the eighth grade. Soccer brought me out my kind of addiction to video games which were my life during my childhood. Soccer got me outside and around people more to socialize. It was not easy for me at first to just go and join the soccer team after not playing any sport since I was around seven years old. I worked hard for about a year before I joined the high school team. I spent many hours outside for many days to get into shape and fit enough to play for long periods of time. My friends I played with push me even harder because most of them have played soccer since they were small, so they knew a lot more of the basics than I did at first. My sophomore year was personally my favorite year of soccer. During the Corinth tournament while my team played against Saltillo. There was a penalty called about fifty
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How there is no I in team no matter what kind of team that may be. Soccer also made me a more physically strong person because I play defense I just won’t accept someone scoring in my goal. Every time I step onto a soccer field I feel strong and proud not only for me but for my team as well because we all have put our blood sweet and tears into this sport to go as far as we have. With this year being my senior year of high school I hope we can go all the way and win the championship this year. The most important lesson I learned from soccer is how you get what you work for, if you cut corner during practice then be prepared to play those who might have not cut corners and for them to be in better
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