Personal Narrative: My Swim Career

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My swim career the motivation of my life

How my swim career motivates me forward is a long story. It all starts when I was very young still in swim school. Here in Egypt to graduate from swim school to swim team you have to go through a series of test. These tests are called stars. They are three stars. In swim school, my "class" was divided into two the more advanced one, A, and the less advanced one, B. I was on the B team be a use at that time I was quite a horrible swimmer. Throughout the three stars everyone usually passes only the extremely bad ones fail, which are very few. And I was very fortunate to be one of these very few. I failed and retested three times. I was really that bad. Coaches used to see me as a horrible swimmer and
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He gave me a lot of attention and literally taught me how to swim. He taught me everything and he trained me really hard. He always shouted and insisted that I can do it. To me that nonsense at the time. It was mere imagination. After around a year, something very unusual happened. I qualified for the Nationals with less than 20 split seconds. At the time to me that was amazing. I would've never expected that. I didn't do much at nationals but it's was a…show more content…
Then in 2012 I went and stayed in the states for 6 months. I practiced at a club there and then had to move back to Egypt in December of that year. Then in the fall of 2013 again something amazing happened: I got a gold medal. As my coach, that was a supervisor once said "the gold medal will hang in my chest at nationals" and here I was with a gold medal on my chest.

More to that, that same gold medal got me in the national team that went to the junior African championship in which I did what I consider my biggest achievement in swimming so far. That was my three silver medals one in the 50 breaststroke and one on the 100 breaststroke and one on the medley relay. At that time I thought I have finally become one of the best and that I'd be like those great national swimmers that always win. Or so I
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