Mysticism In World Religions Essay

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Esther Park REL 301 Unit Five - Mysticism in World Religions Mysticism in World Religions There are many similarities and differences between mysticism in Christianity versus other world religions. Christianity is all that I have every truly known about so this was a very big eye-opener to me. We have so many different religions in this world so to learn about all of the mysticism from one to another was amazing. We are going to explore many different religions but the religions that we will focus on will be Taoism. The open-mind mentality with Taoism is what allows the comparison to work better than other world religions. There are many other world religions but what stuck out the most was Tao. Christianity is my core and to relate these…show more content…
Like Taoism they are celebrated by humbly accuracy, range and devotions to transformation through service (p 169). There is no yin and yang in Christianity but it is balanced in our faith in Christ himself. Mary is looked at as more than just a figure of being the mother of God but she is humanity's image of the divine Mother (p 169). Taoism and Christianity both look at turning the other cheek. You do not give an eye for an eye instead it is suggested to give even more than what they had originally wanted (p 172). Jesus' love overflows in the human connection where he gives more than asked of. Taoism wants you to stay in your lane but will not ignore the other if they are in need. In Christianity we are born again. This does not mean a physical birth but it is being born again in Christ. Taoism goes into the world and death is not the end. This is similar in a sense since we do not die forever but end up with our heavenly father. Christians believe that we will live forever with God in heaven and earth is just a stepping stone to get to heaven. Since we are on earth to get back to God we must listen to God and listen to his direction for us on earth. This is the peace we find in ourselves to allow ourselves to live like our heavenly father and strive to be like him more every

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