Examples Of Naturalism In To Build A Fire

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The thesis of To Build a Fire is how people fight against bad natural environment. Jack London expressed the indifferent environment and survival in the short story and shows us that people should not to be proud and arrogance. Jack London expressed the indifferent environment and survival in the short story. The natural environment does not help people. From the short story readers can find that the bad natural environment killed the man. It is important for people to realize the power of natural. “Naturalism not only maintains that the environment is deterministic, but indifferent. The environment does nothing to help its inhabitants; in fact, it is coldly indifferent to their existence and struggle. In ‘To Build a Fire,’ the Yukon would…show more content…
In my opinion, the author wrote this story in order to make people awe for the natural environment instead of destroying them. “The movement of naturalism was greatly influenced by the 19th-century ideas of Social Darwinism, which was in turn influenced by Charles Darwin 's theories on evolution. Social Darwinism applied to the human environment the evolutionary concept that natural environments alter an organism’s biological makeup over time through natural selection. Social Darwinists and naturalists cited this as proof that organisms, including humans, do not have free will, but are shaped, or determined, by their environment and biology. Naturalists argued that the deterministic world is based on a series of links, each of which causes the next. In ‘To Build a Fire,’ London repeatedly shows how the man does not have free will and how nature has already mapped out his fate. Indeed, both times the man has an accident, London states ‘it happened,’ as if ‘it’ were an inevitability of nature and that the man had played no role in ‘it.’”(Edison Jasmine 1) Therefore, it is important for people to protect and respect to our environment. People should keep respect to the
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