Examples Of Negative Behavior In The Monkey's Paw

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It’s very common for writers to like to use negative behavior in literacy works. In the stories “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant and “The Monkey’s paw” by WW Jacobs, the characters show a lot of negative behavior. In “The Necklace”, the main character Matilda shows a lot of negative behavior. For example, in the story, Matilda lost her necklace because she is very embarrassed of the old shawl that clashed with her dress and runs away from the crowd. While she was running she lost the necklace. In the story on page sixty-seven in paragraph thirty-five the narrator says “he threw around her shoulders the wraps they had carried for the coming home,modest for everyday wear,whose poverty clashed with the elegance of the ball costume. She felt this and wished to hurry away in…show more content…
On page fifty-one in paragraph fifty-six, Mr. White says “I wish for two hundred pounds.” This conveys that he is greedy for money and that Mr. White isn't thankful for what he has. Also, Mrs. White shows negative behavior when she wants her son back but was forcing her husband to wish even if he doesn't want to. On page fifty-four in paragraph one hundred and seven, Mrs. White says“Go down and get it quickly and wish our boy alive again.” This shows that she is bossy. Also,Herbert never believes in the paw and he never thought it was going to work. This is like Matilda from “The Necklace” because Matilda never believes that she was going to get anywhere and she was always going to be “poor”. In the story on page fifty-one in paragraph fifty-nine Herbert says” “well I don't see the money and I bet I never shall.”This shows how Herbert is sceptical. The characters in the monkey's paw showed a lot of negative behavior throughout the story like Matilda did the the
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