Ananda Marga's Neohumanism: Ecology Of Joy

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English Department Course name: Graduation Project Course code: 496N ID number: 210036597 Neohumanism in Out of my mind Student name: Nada al-Omair Supervisor: Sabah Aisawi 2015- 1436 Outline I. Introduction II. children as more than only physical bodies and feelings A. her parents B. Mrs. Violet Valencia D. Catherine E. Rose F. other classmates III. children beyond their physical bodies A. Intellect B. emotion C. Innocence IV. conclusion In her article on Neohumanism, Ananda Marga proposes that it “introduces the necessity of supporting children in the recognition and definition of themselves as something more than a physical being." (Jan 17, 2015) Neohumanism: Ecology of Joy. Retrieved from:…show more content…
Violet knew from the start what Melody is capable of doing things as almost a normal kid. She had this feeling about her that she will be a brighten star someday." Mrs. V had replied with authority." But this one has hidden superpowers. I 'd love to help her find them"(Draper 41). She is the one who assures her parents every time that they have a shaken faith in Melody and her abilities. She never shows Melody any sympathy about her condition. She always treated her like a normal kid and never let her feel like she was less than any normal kid in this world. This clever treatment helped little Melody a lot and made her realize what she can achieve and gave her confidence and strength to face the world around her without shame about her disability. Mrs. V speaks to Melody with confidence that she can do whatever she want. For example, “You can turn over, Melody. I know you understand every word I say to you, and I know you can do this. Now roll!" (43). Actually, Melody proved to everyone that she is capable. She learned how to scoot and then to crawl in Mrs. V 's house. When Melody was six years old Mrs. V started to open the documentary channel to her and let her learn more about new things. She even made a board with some important words that Melody may need to express what she want or what she want to say by tapping on the words on the board with her hand. Later, when she was 11 years old and our little heroine was able to go to some classes with the normal kids and had the chance to join The Whiz kids competition, Mrs. V gave her the push to go for it after she was afraid that she won 't be able to win and fit it with the other kids. She taught her everything she needs. She spent all her day with Melody preparing her for the competition and supporting her with anything she can. She started with giving our little girl some quizzes, information about countries and animals; also, she gave her some math problems to solve. She even helped her to buy

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