Examples Of Neohumanism In Out Of My Mind

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English Department Course name: Graduation Project Course code: 496N ID number: 210036597 Neohumanism in Out of my mind Student name: Nada al-Omair Supervisor: Sabah Aisawi 2015- 1436 Outline I. Introduction II. children as more than only physical bodies and feelings A. her parents B. Mrs. Violet Valencia D. Catherine E. Rose F. other classmates III. children beyond their physical bodies A. Intellect B. emotion C. Innocence IV. conclusion In her article on Neohumanism, Ananda Marga proposes that it “introduces the necessity of supporting children in the recognition and definition of themselves as something more than a physical being." (Jan 17, 2015) Neohumanism: Ecology of Joy. Retrieved from: http://www.speakingtree.in/spiritual-blogs/masters/wellness/neohumanism-ecology-of-joy. last accessed on: April 8, 2015, 9:09 p.m. In the novel Out of my mind by Sharon M.Draper, Neohumanism can be applied perfectly, by talking about that children will achieve a lot in life if they treated as more than just immature beings with only bodies, intellect, emotion, and innocence. Also, it shows that they are an important part of the society. Out of my mind is a Neohumanism text, telling a story about a little disabled girl who will get treated as more than a physical being. This treatment will deliver great things to her and her family. The text may seem simple and fun but it carries many lessons. Reading the story will give you a

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