Examples Of New Federalism

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Since the end of the American Civil War, Federalism has been a very important idea in the United States. Federalism has appeared in many instances within different governmental ideas. The original idea of Federalism gave up states’ rights and handed them to the government to create a more centralized federal system. Over time Federalism has had many views by different leaders in our government. These viewpoints began with Ronald Reagan’s idea of “New-Federalism,” and carried on throughout time involving the Violence Against Women Act and more recently the urge to modify the Affordable Care Act. In 1981 shortly after being elected, Ronald Reagan created his idea of a “new-federalism.” This idea proposed giving more government powers back to…show more content…
Trump, to modify the Affordable Care Act put into place by the previous president Barack Obama. Many Republican leaders are pushing to give states more control over health insurance programs, much like President Reagan intended to do in 1981. The Republican National Committee has its sights set on lowering the amount of people on federal programs such as Medicaid and other health benefits. The Affordable Care Act created by the federal government under the Obama Administration provided an example of “dual federalism.” The federal law proposed that every state was required to expand Medicaid but gave states their own decision to bow out of the arrangement. Today, President Trump, like President Reagan, is interested in transferring government spending on Medicaid and giving block grants to the states to control their own Medicaid programs. Many people, even some Republicans, are worried that the states, without much government intervention will cut people from the services they are receiving currently. The politicians who are in disagreement with this proposal strongly favor a more centralized government and cling tight to the original meaning of
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