Examples Of New Inventions In The Great Gatsby

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New Inventions of The 1920s In the 1920s (also known as the roaring twenties), America experienced a period of peace as World War I had just passed, which left Americans able to work and prosper. To make full use of this opportunity, new technological inventions were introduced, that made work much easier. Some examples of these new inventions were the automobile, locomotive, dishwasher, washing machine, telephone and the automatic orange juicer. These new inventions quickly started to affect human culture as agriculture and traditional ways were being replaced by newer possibly better ways. This dramatically affects how the story, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is seen in its plot, characterization, symbols and themes, by playing…show more content…
The automobile characterized the wealthy as having enough riches to have the newest and best cars, but also their recklessness and disregard for the rules of driving. We see how careless the people of the 1920s were, they drove drunk, and travelled at outrageous speeds, not realizing or caring of the damage that could be done. This is seen when the party is disrupted when a drunken person crashes their car at Gatsby's house and when Daisy ran over Myrtle because she drove recklessly due to the fact she was distraught. New inventions of the 1920s made America into a very lively place, attracting many persons who wanted a part of it. These new technologies caused a great boost in the economic system creating more jobs with greater pay. However with more opportunities and advances came responsibility that the wealthy and poor alike were not able to take on, they were reckless, superficial and careless. These inventions created a mood of success and triumph but also created dramatic and tense situations, like Tom's affair, Myrtle's death in a car crash and Daisy's reaction to Gatsby's
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