Examples Of Nicole's Achieved Statuses

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In a social group, everyone has a position or status they occupy. I will evaluate my aunt Nicole, and the various statuses that exist in her life. My aunt has many ascribed statuses like being a daughter, mother, student, wife, female, and worker (nurse). Also, Nicole has more ascribed statuses like her race, Caucasian, and being in the middle-class. Nicole’s ascribed statuses were not by choice. When Nicole was born, her ascribed statuses were already set into stone. Nothing and no one could change the outcome of her ascribed statuses. Ascribed statuses are compelling and unique because nobody can control these statuses. For example, Nicole’s mother could not have chosen whether she wanted to have a boy or girl. However, there are statuses that Nicole can choose to go by like choosing to get married and becoming a spouse (wife) is an achieved status.…show more content…
Nicole’s achieved statuses are choosing to become a college student, nurse, mother, and a high school graduate. For example, Nicole chooses to go to college to earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing. Therefore, she is a student by choice which is an achieved status. Nicole obtained these achieved statuses because she accomplished something like having children made her a mother of two. Also, Nicole chose the career she wanted to go into, and she earned her nursing license. Thus, she earned an achieved status by choosing to become a nurse. Statuses are present in every social group and society, but achieved statuses are by choice while ascribed statuses are uncontrollable and not by
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