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Marketing strategies are generally concerned with 4 Ps; product, pricing, promotional and placement strategies. The focus of these strategies are the objectives to be achieved, meant to ultimately meet the business overall goal of revenue growth. The key to successful marketing is differentiation strategy. If consumers do not perceive Nike as being different from those in the competition, Nike will not win the marketing war. The battle for consumer minds is a battle of perceptions not the products, thus, it is important for Nike to constantly engage with a differentiation strategy and tactical activities to stay ahead as the leader in global sportswear and apparel market.
Below are some of the marketing strategies Nike can employ to further improve its sales to remain as the world’s number one:
i. Personalized Marketing, also called personalization and sometimes referred to as one-to-one marketing. This is an extreme form of product differentiation in that it tries to make a unique product offering for each customer. Nike has engaged with this strategy through its Nike ID footwear, which is a popular line that has developed a strong follower amongst consumers, and should extend this concept to more product lines to gain more fans. Consumers are inclined to buy as they know they will be wearing their own personalized creations. Fig.3: A footwear is purposely left unfinished in Nike advert to

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