Examples Of Nonviolent Resistance

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Nonviolent resistance is an individual’s (or individuals’) peaceful approach toward a conflict. Individuals such as Henry David Thoreau and The Liberian women claim that nonviolent resistance is justified because it’s peaceful and it encourages participation of those who support it. Nonviolent resistance is best characterized by the relationship between the means and ends of a conflict. It is conceptually viewed as a method of approach toward a conflict. Henry David Thoreau was able to justify nonviolent resistance through his passivity by questioning the government. On page 86 of Civil Disobedience, Thoreau states, “I wondered that it should have concluded… had never thought to avail itself of my services in some way (lines 129-131).” Thoreau…show more content…
These women were able to support the justification of nonviolent resistance by coming together for a shared cause, as well as speaking up for what they believe in. At the beginning of the documentary, the Christian and Muslim women of Liberia fought (prayed) for peace in there country, where war would be outlawed. This led to sit ins and marches of the cause over the course of years to come. Toward the end of the film, the Liberian women had a sit in at the delegates’ and refused to leave until they were allowed to speak during the meeting and peace was reassured for their country. By being successful with their sit in, the women of Liberia managed to earn peace within their borders, as well as practice justice in their government. These practices were used to justify the purpose and effectiveness of nonviolent resistance. Individuals such as Henry David Thoreau and the Liberian women were able to explain that nonviolent resistance is justified by being able to prove that it’s peaceful, and by being able to successfully encourage participation. These methods helped ensure no harm to individuals involved in the resistance by equipping them with the means to justify nonviolent

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