Examples Of Norm Violations

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In the paper, I have written is about two norm violations I witnessed with one norm violation that I have committed to do. In order for me to understand what a norm actually meant. Norm is what is considered a right behavior in the public’s eyes. When violating a norm, it means to go against what it is a right behavior. The behaviors we have here in the United States may be actually violating a norm in a different culture. In other culture they have acceptable and unacceptable behavior within their own eyes and how they see it. If different cultures followed our social norm here in the United States; we would give a smile and feel welcoming. If a norm is violated, we tend to become displeased and sometimes disgusted. For the ones who do not like people violated the norms will get judged and be frowned upon. If the norm violation is extreme they could be punished and be sentence to jail. It all depends on what they have violated which can be deemed positive or negative. As I was thinking about this assignment, it caused me to have a lot of anxiety because I did not want to feel judged.
The first norm violation I seen was while I was sitting in the Bakersfield College
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I go to the Valley Plaza mall a few times a month and I thought I borrow my cousin’s onesie. I wanted to see how someone wearing a onesie at the mall would be like since I never seen someone wear it there from the times I have been there. The onesie is blue and white and it has a hood which has the face of an owl; over the eyes it has what an owl has “eyebrows” flaring out. I wore at the mall and I felt very nervous and uncomfortable. I walked down and discreetly observed everyone’s facial expression. A few adults continued walking on and ignoring me but I noticed their eyes averting to look at me. I had some stare at me while I simply pretended to look around stores. A few people quietly giggling. I felt very awkward and also felt
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