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During My Observation, I had the opportunity to observe Terkisha, a Registered Nurse, who was a kind person who gave me lots of information. Not only about nursing but about the Hospital in general. Before heading to the observation, I had a clear knowledge of what a Nurse does in a hospital setting. During my High school years, I had the opportunity to observe many nurses in different departments. Nursing was never a choice I had thoroughly thought about to become my career in the future. However, when I had the chance to work as a Certified Nurse Assistant, that was my definition or the image I had with a nurse. Nursing seems like a nice job, especially when being able to talk with the patients one on one and having more time than a physician to know the patient. The Host, Takisha, was an RN who graduated from Michigan State University. I loved the way she greeted each of her patients with a smile…show more content…
Nurses only work up to 4 patients, this made me happy because of the time they have for each of their patients. Another thing that surprised me was, even when Takisha had 3 patients, she was always walking around bring things to the patients or having to chart the vital signs. Something in which I didn’t know was before the nurses go into the patient's room, they all meet in one room and the nurse in charge begins with a brief explanation on what is happening to the patients on that floor. I had the wrong idea of nurses only needing to look online to know all the details of the patient. I don’t believe Nursing is a right choice for me to pursue in, I feel as if I may like working there in the beginning, However, at the end I will somehow get tired of it and want to try something new. Also, I talked with one of my advisors in High School about the Medicine side, I was explaining the varieties I have to choose a career, with the choices I have Nursing isn’t one of
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