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I did a five day observation in a 00 class at a nursery school. I observed many interesting and valuable teaching concepts.
The classroom environment has a very bright and welcoming atmosphere and has a lot of natural light. There are nine learners in the class with five girls and four boys- a very diverse group of children. There are three tables in the classroom and three children are sat at each- the learner’s sticker
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The teacher has allocated a special seating arrangement for the best learning quality when the learners need to sit on the carpet for theme discussions and morning ring. To help with monitoring the teacher has a sticker chart and reward system and follows through with rewards and discipline. The teacher has a “five magic rules” which she does not negotiate on. The teacher is constantly assessing, has a tick system and all class and group activities are monitored by the teacher and the teaching assistant. The teacher uses a lot of resource such as charts, pictures, videos, books, toys, songs, singing, sounds, music, repetition, physical movement (running, jumping, walking), and search and find games. The teacher tries to use as many resources as possible. The teacher uses different activities such as constructive (sticking, building), sensory (different textures such as rice and flour play), painting, physical such as jungle gym play and bike play, reading, fantasy play, and puzzles. The relations are still developing but I saw that the learners do trust and love their teacher and are very excited to talk to her and tell her…show more content…
If there are major problems in oral (speech problems) the teacher will refer to the school’s speech therapist. If there are major written problems or major physical problems the teacher will refer the learner to the school’s occupational therapist. If the problems are minor the teacher will have a meeting with the parents are discuss how both of them could be helping the child. The teacher does constant assessment to follow up on the work ethics of the class and gives each child the opportunity to show their strengths and problem areas. Every learner gets a report at the end of each term stating any problems areas, major or minor, and any good

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