Examples Of Observation In A Restaurant

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As part of my assignment I decided to pick a familiar place that I go to a lot but never did I sit in the restaurant and do a observation of how other people acted in the restaurant,so this is a first for me.By sitting in the restaurant I went to the restaurant CUBANA to do my research. The location of the restaurant is set in the Eikestad mall in Stellenbosch,it is next to a Fishaways and Cotton On stores.It 's my home town and I 'm familiar with all the hangouts and places where everyone always go to.The environment of the restaurant is in a secure and safe place.On the outside of the place there is wooden tables and chairs and realistic flame lamps,It 's in a place where it can be found easily and it is big enough for more than 50 people.I feel that this assignment can help to understand a lot of the behaviour of people and made me see the little things in life and how everyone is different in the way they act alone and with others. As I walked in to the restaurant I was greeted nicely by a female waiter,asking me how I am,being friendly with me and asking me if I would like to sit at the back or at the front.The place was packed full and it was a little dark inside the restaurant.After I was escorted to my table,I sat down and the female waiter went to talk a man who wore a black blazer and were giving her orders on how to act with the customers. As I sat on the black leather couch,I sat and watched while a waiter was busy cleaning the table across from me.The walls of
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