Examples Of Observation In Classroom Observation

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For this observation, I observed a sixth grade math co-taught classroom taught by Mr. Deiminick and Mr. Whitzel. This classroom is set up a little different from the normal hybrid by having desks more in rows with a couple of small groups of desks in the back. The students from this class are coming straight from lunch so, they are required to line up outside the classroom in a straight line and be silent before they are allowed to enter the classroom. When the students entered the classroom, they had new seats so the new chart was up on the board and the students were working on finding their new seat. After, the students were seated they were to start the warm-up which was ten questions to review concepts that they had been learning. When the students were done the warm-up Mr. Whitzel went over the correct answers giving the students tips to remember how to complete each problem. After the warm up was finished, Mr. Deiminick went over parts of the review that the students did not understand this was like pulling teeth to get them to ask questions. When it was time for the quiz half of the students went upstairs to Mr. Whitzel’s classroom and the other half stayed in Mr. Deiminick’s room. During the quiz, the students were very talkative and did not seem to be working on the quiz. When the students finished their quiz they were given their homework to get started on which was a review of long division since they would be using this the next day in class. In this class,

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