My Observation Of Street Photography

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Observation@work One day while walking on streets with my camera, I saw two people sitting on the chairs watching the waves of vast sea. There was a gate or the entrance in the foreground and one cat and a kitten was there too. Instantly I realized that I am about to get a good picture. I waited patiently for other people to walk away from the frame and at the same time was praying that the cats would stay there. My patience paid and I got an excellent shot. You can say that this is my way of making street photographs. I always observe life carefully. I keep my eyes open and alert even if I don't have camera in hand. This gives me an opportunity to witness different things. It allows one to see in different perspectives. While photographing,…show more content…
But I never did commercial photography. Generally, when there is an advertising campaign, I prefer to hire the best photographer for that work. I always used to observe how these photographers work, ask questions about how those things worked or especially why the shot was done in particular way. I could learn the technicalities about cameras and lights from them. I think it was a slow process of learning by observation. One day there was a time when Swapan Parekh was not available for the Airtel campaign 'Express Yourself'. So I decided to slip behind the camera. It was a blast and we received huge accolades for that campaign. The response one gets from the work is very important, and it can make or break your life. The appreciation I received for that campaign was very encouraging and thus camera became one of my favorite medium to express the…show more content…
In music you have highs, lows, you have pauses. The pauses actually highlights the piece and creates interest. When you close your eyes and listen carefully, you can actually see patterns in it. Similarly in art you have spaces which accentuate the subject. For example, the picture '30Km' has a lot of empty space. But just the sign board would have made this picture very common. At the same time, If I had included a man or any other object along with the bird, it would loose the focus. Keeping just a board and the bird in frame gave me simple graphics which provokes you to think about

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