Examples Of Observation In Photography

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Observation@work One day while walking on streets with my camera, I saw two people sitting on the chairs watching the waves of vast sea. There was a gate or the entrance in the foreground and one cat and a kitten was there too. Instantly I realized that I am about to get a good picture. I waited patiently for other people to walk away from the frame and at the same time was praying that the cats would stay there. My patience paid and I got an excellent shot. You can say that this is my way of making street photographs. I always observe life carefully. I keep my eyes open and alert even if I don't have camera in hand. This gives me an opportunity to witness different things. It allows one to see in different perspectives. While photographing,…show more content…
I had cleared my intermediate exam too. After passing SSC exams , I successfully completed a diploma in art. That time my father realized that I can do better in this field. And thus I was landed in Sir J. J. School of Art mumbai straight from Aurangabad. It was a good time, I had lots of friends there. All of us used to go out and do sketches. When the final year results came out, I stood first in Maharashtra state, and I already had ten offers in hand including one of a lecturer. I chose the one with highest salary! It was a fantastic job and I got a chance to work with Arun Kolhatkar & Kiran Nagarkar from very junior…show more content…
Sometimes I see that a particular photo wins a award or two, and people start copying that work or style. You suddenly see hundreds of similar photos surging over the internet by different photographers. Today almost everybody has a camera, every other person wants to be a photographer. People have technically advanced cameras which can do almost everything for them. When you are at right place at right time you can capture a good photo, but is there a consistency in your work or just pure luck? That's what matters. There are almost 350 millions of photos flooded everyday on the internet. If you are not creative, not consistent then your work is going to get lost in the flood of

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