Examples Of Observation On Child Observation

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Introduction – Background information This paper is about child observation. I observed a child, Daniel (coded name). He is four years and two months old. Daniel is 103 cm and 18 kg. He is studying in Nursery 2 with 10 others children and a form teacher. Daniel has been with me for almost two semester. He is well – liked by his peer and he is able to interact well with both teachers and peers. He speaks and acts politely with peers and adults using words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. He is from a Mandarin speaking family, thus he speaks in Mandarin most of the time. The purpose of this paper is to analyse my observations of a child’s development that I was able to observe. This paper is about child observation on different domains such as Physical Development, Language Development, Cognitive Development and Social and Emotional Development. In this study, I have chosen, running record, event sampling and anecdotal recording as my tool in my observation. I end this paper with a concise conclusion. Observation 1 • Summary Daniel is in the dining area of the childcare Centre where breakfast is being served by the teachers. There are three teachers with children ranging from 20 months to 6 years. There are 20 children at the dining area. • Evaluation According to Cynthia Lightfoot, author of “The development of the children”, “young children’s fine motor skills improve notably and early childhood is marked by impressive gains in both gross and fine motor skills”. Daniel’s
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