Examples Of Obstacles In Life

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Life is a journey full of choices and obstacles. People build their lives around the kinds of choices they make and the obstacles they do or do not overcome. Stereotypes, social judgement, racism, and sexual barriers are a few examples of the kinds of obstacles society provides; however, one of the most difficult obstacles can often be oneself. Creator of The Daily Motivator, a motivational website, Ralph Marston believes that even though life contains difficult obstacles one should never allow themself to become an obstacle as well. Even though Marston’s belief is a very uplifting idea, in reality, a person will most likely end up fighting themself at one point. Ideally, life would be something people could just waltz right through; but, those who believe that are often dreaming. Messy, unpredictable, and challenging, that is life for the most part. Yet, much of these…show more content…
The only obstacles people should face are those life throws at them. For example Eleanor Longden, who was born with schizophrenia; this illness caused her to start hearing voices. Eleanor never had a choice or wanted to hear voices, life just created her brain a different way. Because of this, her own mind was a literal obstacle. People are often quick to create their own problems and call them obstacles, taking for granted the fact that they can easily solve their own problem. Whenever a severe natural disaster strikes, it forces thousands of people to deal with an obstacle with no influence over it. That is an obstacle. It is something that can change lives and leave people powerless to stop it. Despite the belief that people should not let themselves become obstacles, when that does happen most people are still able to prevail.
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