Examples Of Obstacles In Terry Fox's Life

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Everybody has challenges, everyone has some obstacles in their life. Some are bad, some are little and then there's some like Cancer. I can provide some devastating examples of a life obstacle like cancer.
The young adult who raised over 24.1 million dollars for cancer research. Terry Fox, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 1977, a type of bone cancer. Due to him having cancer, he had to get his right leg amputated. That was a crazy obstacle in Terry Fox’s life. But he stayed strong and overcame it. After seeing many kids suffering from cancer, he felt like there had to be money raised to help the people suffering from the terrible disease. Terry had something in mind, it was an insane idea but Terry Fox was super dedicated. He wanted to run all the way across Canada with his artificial leg, not for himself, but to raise money for cancer research. He wouldn’t skip a single mile, he did not want anyone to call him a cheater or a liar. He pushed himself one mile at a time, running almost 24 a day, almost a marathon every single day. But as everything was going well, Terry started coughing and having
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He was a happy, caring, fun guy. My mom's dad. He also suffered from cancer, in his throat. He was in the hospital for a long period of time. But after struggling for plenty of time he luckily overcame his cancer, like Terry Fox. Everybody in the family was super happy and proud of him and so was he. But unfortunately a couple years after the cancer came back, but this time in his lungs. He pushed through for a really long time until he couldn't do it, he just couldn't last any longer. Unfortunately, he passed away, the doctors couldn't do much to get rid of his lung cancer. Him having cancer not only once, but two times was obviously the biggest roadblock of his life. But not only for him also for our family. We were all sad, but everybody knew that it was going to happen soon, we were ready for

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