Examples Of Obstacles In The Odyssey

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The Odyssey is a story of a soldier returning from war and facing many obstacles along the way. The Odyssey has many things in common with actual soldiers returning from a war. Several million soldiers have had many different and difficult obstacles returning from war. The Odyssey has many difficult obstacles that are similar to that of a soldier of any time period.
A soldier is still fighting a war, even after the war is over, no matter what time period they are in. Soldier's face problems that are both physical and emotional during a war and even more so after a war. Odysseus was the main character of the Odyssey, the Odyssey was an epic poem detailing the events of Odysseus's return from war. His return was filled with terrifying creatures that made it harder for him to return to a normal life. Soldiers sometimes have problems adjusting to life after the war because of obstacles that relate to the obstacles Odysseus faced in the Odyssey. A soldier may face
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Soldiers have many obstacles other than P.T.S.D ranging from barely noticeable, to extremely noticeable. A few of the barely noticeable things include short twitching which could be something along the lines of a small storm on the ocean in Odysseus’s journey home. Then there are things that are noticeable to an extreme extent. This could include random bouts of anger in which the soldier may become violent which relate to the travels of Odysseus by the monster Scylla on the mountain. Scylla would reach an arm down at random and grab a person and eat them. This is related to the return of a soldier having random violent outbreaks which could hurt other people. One other thing that can relate to the odyssey could be seizures caused by memories resurfacing. This could be Odysseus saying thing to the Cyclopes which caused their ships to have more trouble, much like soldiers having to have help from other people because of
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