Examples Of Odysseus An Epic Hero

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Odysseus an epic hero What makes a person an epic hero? An epic hero is someone who possesses courage, strength, and have a desire to achieve immortality through heroic actions. The only ones that are considered heroes are those who are recognized for saving the day or for doing something heroic to the world. Many is considered heroes for only some are remembered like those who made a great change. For example Odysseus is an epic hero. Odysseus is an epic hero because he is a man of outstanding wisdom, his bravery, and he have very good strengths. To begin with, Odysseus is a man of outstanding wisdom. He was the only one who could be the best man suited to cope with crises in personal relations among…show more content…
His strengths could also turn into weaknesses depending on how they could be used. According to a College Teacher, "Odysseus compassion and trust in his men are strengths as long as his men follow his instructions. These same traits, however, become weaknesses only in hindsight when his men betray his trust and the Helios island episode becomes an example of a strength that evolve into weakness. A hallmark of Odysseus leadership in both the Iliad and the Odyssey is his flexibility in thought and deed. This flexible leadership style, however, is dependent upon everyone doing his duty and, on the island of Helios, this particular strength is also a weakness. "This just means that all his strengths could also be a weakness. In conclusion, to be considered an epic hero they have to have these qualifications. An epic hero should have an outstanding wisdom, good strengths, and have to be brave and not afraid to do something that endangers their life. Odysseus had been really recognized for his good qualities he had that no other could have had besides him. Odysseus had his bravery, his outstanding wisdom, and his strengths even though they could also become into a weakness. These are some of the qualities that could consider a person an epic
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