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Odysseus is a hero Odysseus is a hero because all he wants to do is go home and protect his family. There is many thing that can support this claim. There are many things that can prove otherwise. One reason for this claim is odysseus is smart, brave, and kind and another reason is he wants to go home and protect his family. Everyone thinks he is not a hero is he slept with circe there is a reason why that is not a strong reason that he is not a hero. The first reason is odysseus is smart, kind, and brave. One piece of evidence for this is when a commander of his asked him to return to circe’s house and “burn me with whatever armor I have.”(p.105). Odysseus does do this so this means he is kind and respectful of his comrades. Another piece of evidence for this is when him and his men are in the cyclops cave. He finds a way to save most of his men. Odysseus is brave throughout the The Odyssey. Not just these traits makes him a hero though.…show more content…
One example of this is when Odysseus get rid of the suitors in his home. Odysseus is trying to protect his wife and his son from them. He may have killed them but they were trying to marry his wife even if he was still alive. The suitors did try to kill his son when telemachus was trying too find any knows of odysseus whereabouts. Another example of odysseus is when he saves his men from circe's house. Odysseus must of really cared about his men to do that. Even if he got help from Hermes. That is one trait that is hard to find in

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