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Marketing communication means by which companies attempt to inform, persuade, and remind consumers about the brands they sell everywhere. There are few steps in order to attract or persuade customers to purchase something by any form of communication. For example: exposure, attention, comprehension, yielding, intentions and behaviour. McDonald’s has integrated their marketing communication mix also. They able to promote their products everywhere by using communication strategy. It can be divided into several categories, which are advertising, sales promotion & seasonal option purchased, mobile marketing and online marketing communication.

A) Advertising Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods,
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This method used by online firms like McDonald’s to communicate to the consumer and create strong brand expectations. Online marketing communication is used to strengthen the firm’s brand by informing the consumer about the features. There are some methods that can apply based on online marketing communication, which is online adevertising and direct e-mail marketing. Online advertising is a paid message on a website or other interactive medium such as instant messagning. For example, McDonald’s post an advertising video on Youtube channel to promtoe their foods. When many youtubers create their own video and upload to Youtube channels, they will receive and put an advertising video which is from McDonald’s. When Youtube users want to watch the youtuber’s video, they need to watch the McDonald’s advertisement first before they enjoy the video. If McDonald’s posted the advertising video which contain some special promotion of thier products, this will attracts more people to have a look into this advertisemnt. Next, direct e-mail marketing is a market strategy that will direct send the advertisement to the specific or interetsed users. It is a very different from spam. In this information is sent to only those people who have expressed at one time or other an interest in receiving the message from the advertiser. For example, after a customer purchased the foods from McDonald’s and leave a feedback or comment to McDonald’s by using e-mail, Mcdonald’s will improve their operation based on the comments. But in the same time, McDonald’s will send the online advertising video or promotion letter to that customer’ e-mail in order to create interaction with customer. So, this is one of the example of direct e-mail

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