Examples Of Oppression In Night By Elie Wiesel

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For years, our society has been driven to identify who is “like you”. Often times, this includes excluding and judging others because they are not similar to you. Every person is a complex bunch made up of objectives, feelings, and other characteristics that can be different than ours. It is easier to disregard a person as less human and less worthy than we are. The term othering is when one views or treats someone as different from oneself because the group or individual is mentally classifies as “not one of us”. Secondly, there comes oppression. Oppression is being a victim of cruel and unjust treatment, taking away someone's rights and power over their life. The oppressed is seen as an alien or the “enemy”. It is human tendency to hate…show more content…
Elie Wiesel, author of the best-selling book “Night”, shared his personal experience of the hardships he experienced during the holocaust. Hitler rose to power in Germany in 1933. Around 1933, Germany was experiencing an economic crisis. Hitler believed the Jews were the root cause of this problem. He also blamed the Jews wholeheartedly for the defeat of Germany in World War 1. Soon after Hitler came into power, Germans began to exclude Jews from public life. Jews were not allowed to use public transportation, excluded from public places, and most importantly, Jews were mandated to wear the yellow star of David. The star of David made it easier to target and classify Jews. Nazis (National Socialist German Workers Party) began sending Jews to ghettos.Wiesel and his family were sent to ghettos, where they were clueless of what Hitler’s plan was or why they were placed in ghettos, Soon after they were sent to “labour camps”, that in truth were extermination camps, work camps, or transit camp. An estimate of six million Jews were tortured and killed within the concentration camps. The holocaust is an example of institutional oppression. Institutional oppression is the idea that one group is better than another and has the right to control how the other gets embedded in the institutions of the society, the laws, the legal system and police practice, the educational system, hiring practices, public policy, etc. HItler believed Germans were the superiors and the Jew were the inferiors. He also created a variety of laws that segregated Jews and controlled how they were imbedded in the institutions of society. For example, Jewish doctors were not allowed to practice on any patients, unless they were Jewish, Jews could not vote, they could not own pets, swim in public pools, the citizenship of German Jews were abolished, etc. They were excluded from
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