Examples Of Orange Juice In Life Of Pi

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In Life of Pi, Pi is the protagonist of the story. Pi is trapped on a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific with four animals. They kill each other in order to stay alive. On the lifeboat, they have no food and water, so they are hungry and thirsty. Orange juice is a peaceful orangutan, but she becomes violent when facing the hyena. Pi gives up his vegetarianism and eats turtles and fishes. In Life of Pi, Yann Martel describes the struggle to live and result of changes in Pi who has religious belief and the four different animals in order to show that they will often do supernormal, unexpected and shameful things and changes their own natures to survive.
Any vulnerable animals will get stronger and change their original natures in order to protect themselves. When Pi and four animals live on the lifeboat, both they are hungry and fearful. They do not want to die, so they kill each other in order to compete for food. Orange Juice becomes violent in order to protect herself. "She thumped the beast on the head. It was something shocking" (Life of Pi 156). Orange Juice is a peaceful and gentle orangutan, but she becomes fierce when she battles with the hyena. Orange Juice originally remains a gentle and unaggressive animal, but she battles with the hyena bravely. She changes her natures in order protect herself. Her resistance is amazing and supernormal because it shows her enormous wills to live. "The zebra was still alive. I couldn 't believe it. It had a two-foot-wide hole
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