Examples Of Organizational Behavior

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Understanding Organizational Behavior through its Different Fields
By: Edgar Joel Aboy, BBM-MBA, 2nd Trimester, 2015-2016
Keywords: Fields of Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Managerial Skills, Contemporary Organizational Behavior
In an Organization, the everyday life of an employee is like a rollercoaster ride considering the different factors and the multi-faceted fast-paced interaction that happens every day. An employee is faced with different culture as organizations now usually employs not just locals but foreign nationals as well. Given the difference in culture, pressure to co-exist and the perceived differences will take its toll at some point.
Organizational Behavior (OB) as defined in the book, An Introduction to Organizational
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This discipline became a big part in OB as it explains the influence of the person’s work performance and its behavior towards work. This discipline explains what affects the individuals’ emotion and how his emotion influences his decision making. Also, through this filed we can measure the persons’ attitude towards work and his job satisfaction. According to Baron (2007), Psychology’s contribution to OB is it provides in-depth analysis on how an individual responds to trainings and motivations presented the organization.
Sociology, the second discipline that helped form the foundation of OB, this is according to Study.Com (n.d.). As defined, Sociology is the study of society. This discipline helps in understanding the group or departmental dynamics and how it influences the organization. Organization changes happens every now and then as companies tries to stay afloat in this globalization era, companies implements changes every too often to cope with and to stay as a front runner in the global market. In adapting to these changes, Sociology helps in insuring smooth transition and the organizations
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In this discipline, concepts of Psychology and Sociology blends together and targets the influence of people to one another. These two disciplines compliments each other in OB. Teamwork and cooperation occurs between the individual and groups within the organization.
Anthropology is the study of societies to learn about human being and their activities. In this age of globalization, acquisition of new companies to strengthen foothold in the market is inevitable, thus, study of each organizations culture is imperative in order to understand each other. Anthropology will play part in the outcome of the organization, as organization has to blend into the other organizations’ culture. It is through Anthropology that cross-cultural analysis will help in better understanding the organizations’ culture.
Political Science, the study of the behavior of individuals and groups within a political environment. Basically this discipline is a social science that deals with theories and practices of politics in the
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