Examples Of Othering In Harrison Bergeron

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Othering is Now the “Norm” Othering will be apart of life, no matter someone’s personality is like, or who they are. Othering is making someone feel different from their own “norm”, it’s different for everybody. Only because somebody 's normal, is someone else 's other. The short story/movie,” Harrison Bergeron,” has plenty of examples of othering. Change is a scary thing for some people. In the article “Fear the Other”, the author points out that,”... people identify with the group of which they are a part of, and are suspicious or fearful of those who belong to other groups.” This states that a lot of people are afraid of change, they don’t like it and they don’t want it. Also, in “Harrison Bergeron”, the story declares that,”’ If you see this boy,’ said the ballerina,’ do not- i repeat, do not- try to reason with him.’” This shows othering because the government is scared of…show more content…
Sometimes an “other” can be looked at as foreign, and being foreign doesnt make anyone feel accepted, they will be the outcast in this world. The speaker agrees,”... we fear the ‘other’, the foreigner.” we always perceive it as danger instead of somebody different than you, that’s why we see it as a foreigner. Also, the short story points out,”... the H-G men took George and Hazel Bergeron’s 14 year old son, Harrison, away.” The government feared the other/foreigner (Harrison) because he was strong, handsome, and smart. He was smart enough to know that everyone couldn’t be equal and he wanted to rebel, as he did. Being different is okay, but how someone perceives it is a different thing. As it says above, the short story,”Harrison Bergeron” does have multiple examples that shows othering. But everyone being equal isn 't always a good thing, we need to treat everyone the same unless they disrespect you, not make everyone equal. But one thing to remember is that othering is natural part of life, and you’ll have to deal with it a treat it like it 's the normal, because now-a-days, it
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