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To Ms. Amber and Ms. Shesheena: In the autumn of 2009, I learned about Upward Bound. I decided to apply to the program. It was the first time in my life that I felt that I was making a difference in myself. Due to the hard work and dedication of Ms. Amber and Ms. Shesheena, Upward Bound has given me something much more valuable than knowing how to fill out an application or conduct an interview. It has given me self-confidence. Beyond Upward Bound’s Saturday’s classes, SAT Prep, or summer courses, there were casual text messages from both supporters, venting calls, especially from me, and inspirations that were effortlessly passed down to students. It was these concealed actions of Ms. Amber and Ms. Shesheena that kept me motivated and installed a breath of confidence, which allowed me to not only hope, but act towards future endeavors. Understanding and obtaining self-confidence allowed me to step outside of my comfort as I selected where to attend college. With such a confident selection, new experiences, knowledge, stress, most importantly, success are open that were essentially closed for me and so many others.…show more content…
I committed to and grew from Upward Bound because of the love, support and mentor Ms. Amber and Ms. Shesheena shared. Aside from their vast experiences and professionalism, Ms. Amber and Ms. Shesheena’s willingness to provide Upward Bound’s students with an experience beyond the traditional limits of their offices, constant attention and caring far exceeded the scope of their responsibilities. Words cannot express my gratitude for having these two counselors there to help me with high school worries, life crises, college application process, and now how to maintain my college
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