Essay On Fear Of Failure

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Overcoming Fears & Developing Self-belief Let us try to recall, when was the last time we took a risk? Not really something major and life-threatening, but something that meant simply stepping outside of our comfort zone. Just recall a time in the recent few days or weeks when we did something that felt uncomfortable for us? Quite often, we get too comfortable in life - we find a solid ground or a place where we feel safe to settle in. We are programmed to do it. That’s how we all operate - look for safety and stay there. But in the present world scenario, it is imperative that we act against our programming to truly succeed, and find our own goals. What’s holding us back? Ultimately, it is almost always fear! Fear is the number one reason…show more content…
As it turns out ultimately, the fear of success is a fear of failure “in disguise”. Fear of Failure Looking at the fear of failure, it is at the core of what is holding people back. Fear forces us to remain in our comfort zones. The fear of failure is not actually fear of failure at all, it is a fear of criticism. More than anything else, we are more afraid of being judged by others for our failures. Now that we have somehow isolated this fear of criticism, can we do something about it? How do we conquer the one thing that gets in the way more than anything else - more than lack of skills, more than lack of knowledge, more than bad luck or anything else we might think of – how do we conquer fear? How to Handle Fear? It is easy for anyone to say that we just should not care what others think about us, what others say does not matter, does not define us, or has nothing to do with us etc. But the problem is, that it is not just the criticism of others - when we fail, we still have to face our harshest critic: that is
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