Examples Of Overcoming Fears And Developing Self-Belief

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Overcoming Fears & Developing Self-belief Let us try to recall, when was the last time we took a risk? Not really something major and life-threatening, but something that meant simply stepping outside of our comfort zone. Just recall a time in the recent few days or weeks when we did something that felt uncomfortable for us? Quite often, we get too comfortable in life - we find a solid ground or a place where we feel safe to settle in. We are programmed to do it. That’s how we all operate - look for safety and stay there. But in the present world scenario, it is imperative that we act against our programming to truly succeed, and find our own goals. What’s holding us back? Ultimately, it is almost always fear! Fear is the number one reason why people stay in their safety zones. It is why people don’t start new businesses. It is why people stop advancing in their lives. It is why people hesitate to take bold decisions to face the uncertainties. But what are we actually afraid of? After studying fear for several years and working with countless clients who were letting fear hold them back, researchers have observed that when it comes down to stepping outside one’s comfort zone, there are really two things at work for most people: fear of success and fear of failure. Fear of Success Most people are not actually afraid of success, but rather of failing after the success. They are afraid they may not be able to handle it, and will fall much farther and harder than if they had
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