Examples Of Overcoming Obstacles Immigrants Face

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Imagine you have to leave your family to go into a country you've never been in before and you don't even know the language, just to live a better live. There is a lot of obstacles immigrants face and the use many strategies to overcome them. From collection one i will use real life problems that immigrants face when they come to america and face many obstacles but have multiple strategies to overcome them. Immigrants arriving in America in search for a better life face many obstacles. For example, when immigrants enter the us they have to adapt to a new language. In my favorite chaperone Maya had to translate what her principal was saying to her father. Maya changed the words her principal was saying and her dad didn't know because her dad didn't understand. Another obstacle immigrants face when they come to America is discrimination. In a better life luis got made fun of by his friend because of his dad's job. Luis was trying to have a…show more content…
For example, immigrants get help from people who know how to translate. Maya had to translate what the principal was trying to say to her dad in the story My favorite chaperone. This shows how immigrants can use translators to get help because without Maya he wouldn't have known why Nurzhan was suspended. Another strategy immigrants use to comfortable with the new culture is by understanding it. In my favorite chaperone Maya's mom gave maya the bracelet she received when she was sixteen as a sign that she was growing up. She is giving it to Maya even though maya is fithteen because she understands that girls grow up more faster in America. A similar strategy that is used in the same story is time. As the story goes on Nurzhan gets better at his english. This shows that as time goes on you start learning more and getting more comfortable with the culture. Immigrants use multiple strategies to overcome their
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