Examples Of Paradox In Romeo And Juliet

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Paradox plays a huge part of making certain characters looking more sophisticated. It makes them look smarter in a way as well as makes you questionable of whether they are as smart. William Shakespeare has a very interesting way of making the characters seem very sophisticated during the play “Romeo and Juliet”. Shakespeare uses juxtaposition as indirect characterization to create a lot of ironic complexity in the characters. Juliet deliberately marries romeo in a foolish way, throughout this play Juliet continues to show how dumb she is in a way because she doesn’t really think about what she is doing like she doesn’t consider the consequences at all. For example When Juliet is waiting for Romeo to come to her for their wedding night she says, “Learn me how to lose a winning match” (2.2.1) That simply shows how easy going she is and that she basically does wherever the wind is blowing basically.That is a huge showing of lack of maturity and responsibility. Juliet continues to make the same mistakes for example when Juliet finds Romeo dead, she is so saddened that she…show more content…
He ends up destroying what he loves because he is too much. Romeo is very quick to take action based off his first feelings on something. For example he says “Here’s much to do with hate but more with love” (1.6.5) That is saying that there is a lot of things to hate as well as there is there is a lot of stuff to love. Another example showing that is “So shows a snowy dove trouping with crows” ( 1.6.8). Shows doves traveling with huge amounts of cows. Shakespeare makes a lot of characters look complex by using a play on words throughout the play. In my 3 body paragraphs I showed how Shakespeare used indirect characterization to make Friar Laurence, Romeo, and Juliet sound more complex. I showed quotes showing how he did. My final thought that I got from this is William Shakespeare uses very creative ways to show indirect characterization of the
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