Examples Of Parody In Shrek

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Shrek: Parody What comes to mind when the word parody is said? Many would think of funny videos, movies, or even books. Parody comes in many forms such as: media, literature, musicals, and poetry. The purpose of it is to make fun of a certain author or story in order to give a common effect. Some might find it hurtful, while others find it extremely comical. One of the best examples of a parody is the movie Shrek through its reversal, humor and clear connection. One element of parody is reversal. Reversal occurs when the events are out of the common order. There are many examples of this though the movie. One of which is when Shrek saves the princes before he slays the dragon. In most common fairytales the prince or savior will kill and…show more content…
Humor is a key part of a parody. Without it, the work could not be considered a parody. Throughout Shrek a lot of humor is exemplified. One example is through the character Donkey. Throughout the whole plot Donkey is sarcastic and joking. He is always playing around and looking for a good time. Examples include: when he is about to get eaten by the dragon and he starts to tell her how beautiful she is. He always managed to get out of a dilemma through his humorous personality. The third and last element is clear connection. Clear connection is when a connection is able to be made to the work that is being intimidated. A clear example of this is all the fairytale aspects in Shrek. One main way to connect the two is through Shrek going save the princess. He has to go on a long scary journey to save the princess stuck in a tower. Does this sound familiar? Another example is the bachelor. When Prince Farquad is choosing who he would like to marry it is in the form of how the bachelor is. There is a group of girls and he has to choose one to marry. The main clear connection though is the fairytales. Shrek is a great example of parody through all of the elements of parody built in. It really shows the true meaning of what a parody is. This is exemplified through its reversal, humor and clear
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