Essay On Participant Observation

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Participant observation is a research technique where an investigator eases his way into an area or a social group and observe peoples behavior and actions for a better understanding of the internal structure of society. It is considered an effective model for data collection because of its natural state. Since Participants have no idea there is someone watching them, they behave as they normally do which means the evidence is valid. Another way it shows its effectiveness, is the fact that it digs deep into social interaction which gives the researcher the opportunity to become open to new insights. Observation day one was on Friday at 2:45 p.m. my parents, my two sisters, my brother in law and myself all gathered around the dining table for our weekly family lunch. Lunch consisted of fish and rice, caesar salad, spaghetti and steak with…show more content…
My parents, my sister and I sat around the lunch table. This time, my sister was sitting at the head of the table, my mother was sitting on her right side and my father was sitting next to my mother as he wanted to sit closer to his favorite dish. Lunch consisted of mini burgers, shrimp curry with rice, cheese samosas and salad. My father ate his shrimp with rice quietly, while my mother and sister were talking about new furnitures to buy. In the middle of the conversation, my sister got up to take a phone call. My mother was eating mini burgers and drinking diet coke. My sister came back and continued eating her samosas and salad with a glass of orange juice. My father knocked down an empty glass while he was reaching for the salt. My mother and sister started talking about an old friend who’s coming to visit. As usual, after my father finished his food he drank a glass of water then left the table. My sister and mother were still eating and chatting. My sisters phone rang again but she ignored it. They both finished eating at the same time, and left the
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