Examples Of Peaceful Disobedience

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Peaceful Disobedience Peaceful protest is something our founding fathers felt very strong about. There is a reason they included in the first amendment of our bill of rights. The key word, however, is peaceful. Recently in America, there have been several “protests,” mostly against the new president of the United States. These are not protests however, they are riots. A riot has no peace. There are many incidences of broken windows or people being beaten which are beyond unconstitutional. This kind of disobedience is a crime. Civil disobedience can be peaceful, though, and it is something that is very important to an evolving America. Civil disobedience usually causes an individual to break a law, but that law is viewed as unjust.
Rosa Parks is one of the most famous examples of civil disobedience. The law in America required that whites get priority on the bus. In today’s America, an overwhelming majority of people would agree that this law was racist. Rosa parks one day refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man. Because of this, Rosa parks was put in jail. This marked a key point in the civil rights movement and a huge step forward to racial equality as many blacks peacefully protested this act. It all started with an act of civil disobedience. Those against civil disobedience would say the law was broken; therefore the right act was
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Many workers were not happy with their pay, they called it poverty wages. They refused to work because of the wages they were receiving, wanting about twice what they were originally earning. These protesters were arrested after they would not clear the streets and thrown in jail. This took place over three years ago, and this is a cause of the massive uproar for increased minimum wage in the recent years and is something that may happen in the next few years. Maybe here in a century, we will view this almost like the Rosa Parks
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