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Bernstein’s pedagogic device is a coherent collection between the curriculum policy and classroom practice. According to Bernstein (1996), the pedagogic device is an attempt to describe the principles which underlie the transformation of knowledge into pedagogic communications. The main focus of the device is to understand how education can be understood. The pedagogic device provides an underlying, hierarchically, inter-related structure of rules, namely the distributive, the recontextualising and the evaluative. These rules have a necessary inter-relationship as well as power relations between them. The pedagogic device rules are structures which are always challenging from the internal system and that it will never be possible to close…show more content…
… Viewed broadly, it is the curriculum which defines the structure and organisation of a school and of the education system as a whole.” In the pedagogic device, the nature of who gets what knowledge is determined in the distributive rule. Skilbeck (1990) has noted a widespread move towards increasing central government intervention in the control and direction of the broad outlines of the curriculum and of assessment and certification while Taylor et al (1992) find that policy choice residing primarily in the political and its implementation are being effected in the bureaucratic…show more content…
This can help to explain the changes in the curriculum over the last 30 years. The first curriculum I have looked at, the 1983 curriculum, was a curriculum designed to benefit white learners while inhibit the education of learners of colour and was distributed in this manner by the government during the era of Apartheid. Once Apartheid had been abolished, South Africa became a free and fair democracy. With the new government taking up office, a new curriculum design was needed to ensure all learners received the same education and distribution of knowledge, regardless of their race or sex. Mwakapenda (2008) states that there have been attempts to understand the context and practice of curriculum and its implementation in South Africa. Taylor et al (1992) view the proposals concerning the process of curriculum development justified in terms of the provision of a common curriculum for all South Africans and the participation of the

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