Examples Of People Overcoming Adversity

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People can overcome adversity in many ways through the help from the government, hard work and determination, and skills. Have you ever experienced a hardship that you thought you would never overcome? Did you find some way to power through those tough times? Some people never get through the worst times in their life, but there are many that do find a way to deal with those overwhelming obstacles they face. How do you think you would overcome adversity? Here are three examples of people who overcame adversity in the face of overwhelming obstacles. In the 1930’s, people had to overcome adversity when there was a drought in the Midwestern U.S. In the summer of 1936, the weather was the hottest on record. The farmers’ over-farmed the land making their land useless for harvesting crops or getting…show more content…
The wind started blowing, causing several dust storms. The drought and dust storms made life difficult for farmers in the Midwest for ten years. People who could no longer make payments for their houses got kicked out and their homes were then owned by the bank. Their belongings were auctioned off to the highest bidder and the families loaded up whatever they had left and drove away. Many people, however, were determined to stay behind and live through the “Dust Bowl”. A Texas newspaper editor started a club called the “Last Man Club”. It encouraged others to stay behind and help others make it through the Dust Bowl. Three-quarters of the people took the challenge and stuck it out. Meanwhile, Franklin D. Roosevelt became the president. By 1935, the drought had reached 27 U.S. states and policymakers in Washington D.C. began to realize that something needed to be done to help
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