Examples Of Persecution In The Crucible

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The Crucible Persecution Essay
During the play, persecution is led to by many causes of vengeance. Abigail Williams has an affair with John Proctor. After John calls off the affair, Abigail wants him to herself, and tries to get her revenge by accusing Elizabeth of having a voodoo doll. Mary Warren is sitting by Abigail in the courtroom when she is making Elizabeth a poppet. After Mary finishes her poppet, she sticks a needle in its side. Abigail notices this and ends up stabbing herself with a needle in the exact same place as the doll and says it was because of Elizabeth. Elizabeth is then arrested in claims of witchcraft. Soon after Elizabeth is arrested, John Proctor confesses to adultery. Elizabeth
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Marry Warren is the main reason for this. Mary Warren is very afraid after Elizabeth has been arrested. John makes Mary tell the judges that the poppet belonged to her, and that Abigail sat by her in the room when she made the doll, and seen exactly where she had placed the needle. Abigail tries to prove her accusations false and threatens Danforth and says that he may be taken over next before claiming to see a bird saying that it is Mary Warren. After chaos emerges, Mary then says to Danforth, “He comes to me and night and makes me sign my name!” John Proctor is then accused of witchcraft and is later sent to the rope. The girls also are a part of fear because Abigail threatens to kill them if they ever tell anyone that their acting is all fake. They are all scared so they play along with Abigail’s acting. Mary Warren eventually comes back to Abigail after Abigail successfully proves Mary Warren’s accusations false, which also leads to John being accused of witchcraft. Mary Warren and Abigail use fear to get away with their acts. Both Abigail, and Mary Warren’s acts lead to John being accused of witchcraft which later leads to the
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