Examples Of Perseverance In Call Of The Wild

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Many individuals are able to succeed because they are willing to fight for what they want. Doing this they are shoulding perseverance. Perseverance in other words means to not give up. The novel “Call of the Wild” Buck shows perseverance by not giving up his leadership throughout the book when he got his new owners and new sled dog teammates. Even though he had to fight to keep his leadership, Buck never lost the leadership. In the article Ben Carson Mother who is very poor and made little money did everything she had to do to make Ben the man he is today. Even if it meant feeding him food stamps, or being raised in a public housing. Buck, Ben Carson, and Ben Carson Mother all had many experiences in their lives, where they could have just given…show more content…
Ben’s Mother never gives up on Ben’s education because she knows and learned from her own mistakes. She doesn 't want Ben to follow her footsteps, so Ben’s Mother makes it her life goal to make Ben treasure his education. She makes him treasure the education because she only has a third grade education and it came and bit her in the butt. Ben’s mother makes Ben education better by making him read 2 books each week and write a book report about it, But the thing is Ben’s mother doesn 't even know how to read. The result from Ben and his mother hard work payed off, when Ben got into a great college and later on became a famous world wide surgeon. As a surgeon Ben has had many “miracle” surgeries include where he separated newborn twins conjoined head and the newborn lives. “No matter how good you are at planning, the pressure never goes anyway. So I don 't fight it. I feed off it. I turn pressure into motivation to do my best.” - Quote Ben Carson. This quote means all the problems Ben had he faced it and fought it. Ben made sure he defeated his problems and they never came
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