Examples Of Perseverance In The Breadwinner

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What would you do if girls had no rights in your country and your father just got sent off to prison? Would you change the way you look to have a job and keep your family alive? It was a struggle to survive while and 11 year old girl was determined to keep her family alive. The definition of perseverance is continuing and or striving to do something no matter the difficult The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis is about a little girl who sacrifices herself and shows perseverance to provide for her whole entire family. In the book The Breadwinner it implies many strategies parvana showed perseverance through her many struggles. (AnnaKate and Emily)

To begin with, Parvana shows perseverance by cutting her hair to look like a boy so she can have a job and keep her family alive.
The author wrote “While it was on her head, it had seemed important. It didn’t seem important anymore”This shows perseverance because she changes the way she looks so she can be able to get out of the house and earn money. She realized it is not all about looks and that family is more important than what people think you look like. She showed
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So, not minding the risks Parvana helps the woman and stays out past curfew. Parvana shows perseverance, because the woman is crying and doesn 't have a burqa or anything around her to get out of there. Homa doesn 't have a male escort or any support to keep her safe. The text states, ¨We 'll wait until it gets very, very dark. Then we 'll head back to my place together. Do you have a chador?" Parvana knows that you are not allowed to be out past the curfew provided by the Taliban, it could lead to serious punishment. She knows she would want someone to do the same for her, so she ignores the Taliban rule and continues to plan and help the struggling woman. She knows if she gets caught that it 's over, but ignoring that fact she perseveres by making sure the woman is safe.
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