Examples Of Perseverance In The Call Of The Wild

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Perseverance Through Work
Work is the main factor of stress in life. With this, comes perseverance and working hard. However, in the novel Call of the Wild, the main character Buck worked arduously to reach a certain goal in the end of his suffering. He did this all with no home, shelter, or provided food. In life, my mother has also persevered with many bosses who did not treat her the way she deserved. In contrast to Buck, my mother had to pay for food and school. They both worked equally as long and hard. One with provided food, one without. In comparison to Buck my mother worked strenuously to reach her goal, knowing it would pay off for them later in life. For Buck, this was being reunited with Judge Miller or just a presence of love and care, for my mother it was being able to influence the lives of the next generation.
Buck had to persevere through mean leaders abusing him. He persevered and it paid off for him
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In one way they are alike, they both had to ration. Whether it was food or money, the both of them had to do it. Buck had to ration and steal food to be able to survive and persevere. With my mom, all she spent her money on was the absolute needs of a regular family. This blows me away as this would probably be impossible for me. Another comparison of Buck and my mother is standing up against the people who brought them tough times. The difference with Buck is that he had to stand up against abusive mushers and my mom only stood up for her rights in her contract and being a citizen of the United States. Buck and my mom both had the special people and goals that basically got them through everything. These were the center of their perseverance. For Buck, it was Judge Miller and John Thornton, the two people that gave him unconditional love. For my mom, it was her family and goals that kept her on track. The both of them are different and similar in many
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