Personal Narrative: My Personal Code Of Conduct

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Personal Code of Conduct:  Integrity  Diligence  Loyalty  Patience  Love The above listed traits are my modus operandi which guides me in whatever actions and steps I take in life. Life is a constant process of learning and evolving through which we become refined and better persons. Thus these virtues serve to correct, direct and improve my personality, proficiencies and understanding. Integrity ranks as my most important ethical standard and guiding principle in all I do. This trait requires me to be honest and maintain a strong moral standard in all my undertakings. This trait is important to me because, it cuts across all works of life and everything I do. I feel I have a moral obligation to always act honestly and morally. Furthermore…show more content…
The bond which exists between my friends, family and former colleagues is as a result of the trust and confidence they had in me through loyalty. Most failures in life results from lack of loyalty, therefore in order for me to achieve my visions and aspirations, I must be faithful and committed in persuading them. I always strive to be patient in all my endeavours, to me patients is an enhancing trait, without which, I cannot achieve my heart desires or become who I wish to become. Through this virtue I am able to overcome all the obstacles and challenges which prevent me from achieving my goals. This virtue requires me to be tolerant, enduring and exercise self-restrain in all I do. Patience is important to me because it prevents me from making hasty decisions and makes me a better person. Above all love is at the centre of my personal values, it makes me appreciate others and see the beauty of life and of God’s creatures. One of my guiding principles is to be affectionate to my family and humanity as whole and to a greater extent to my environment. This virtue is important to me because, it forms the very basis of my being and assistance. There I feel a strong urge to share this love and affection with whosoever I come across with in…show more content…
Upon returning home, I noticed the light in his room was lit and his door closed. All efforts to switch off the light in his room went in futility and I felt so frustrated about this. Therefore, throughout the weekend, 24/24 his room will be lighted, hence wasting electricity. These are some of minute aspects of sustainability we fail to take into consideration. I equally noticed, I used less water in cooking compared to the other days, this was a sign of relief to me which signified I was progressing towards achieving my

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