The Importance Of Personal Developmental Planning

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Personal developmental planning (PDP), is all about creating a long-term goal in one’s career, and thinking about how to achieve it. However, a PDP is a structured process that reflects on current learning and performance, which is then developed into a plan for future personal, educational, and career development. By undertaking PDP, it is natural to consider strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Thus, this is to enable one to create a plan that identifies how to best meet his/her developmental needs through planned formal and informal activities. Basically, a performance appraisal is a systematic evaluation of the performance of employees, and understands the abilities of a person for further growth and development. Nevertheless,…show more content…
It appears that Bob is operating the work place from scratch. In order for the work results section on this form to be useful, a work plan, and a developmental plan should be designed. The work plan should contain daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly performance parameters, expected work standards, and customer service standards. It is also necessary to benchmark the work place improvement to the standard of an established car overhauling company for example; car manufacturers that have an overhauling workshop or service center. Although Bob has shown good performance, and his boss agrees with his performance standards, there appears to be a lot of communication gaps between them. A performance appraisal alone cannot fill these communication gaps, but it is a good…show more content…
The customer service factor in performance appraisal can again be divided into smaller parts that contribute to a great customer service such as: For instance: responsiveness, responsiveness towards customer, employees and supervisor, responsiveness to employees needing help, and responsiveness to supervisor’s specific communication. However, in this case there is not a lot of communication between the supervisor and Bob. The additional performance attribute seems as if the form is designed specifically for the CRB, Inc., thus it ignores several factors intentionally. Only measurable factors will make sense in an appraisal form. Lastly, the overall success rating, lets the employee know exactly how well they did or did not do. It is the last thing that is on the performance appraisal form, and sums of how well the employee has done throughout the previous
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