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Many people are still searching for their purpose in life; I still am not one hundred percent sure what my purpose is but I do have an idea. My purpose is to always stay active, experience the world, and at the same time help people out through my restorative and adaptability skills. My personal goals have to do with each aspect of my life like health and relationships. My goal for my health is to gain 10 more pounds in muscle and change my bad eating habits. My goal for relationships is to build a better and strong relationships with each of my family members and spend time with them more. My career goal is to work for a good company and be able to manage it but my long-term goal is to one day own my own business. My academic goal is to get nothing lower than a B in every class I take in college. After, completing my first two years at Valencia I plan to transfer to UCF to major in business management. More Specifically, my personal goals in life are to improve my health and to build better…show more content…
This is important to me because no one in my family has ever made it past high school I would be the first to go to college and get a degree. Which would be a huge deal for me because it is something I have always wanted. This is not only important to me but to my family they are always pushing me to do my best and are always good influences in my life. This relates to my personal purpose statement because I am staying active with school and in the process, I can meet new people who I can help them improve their self’s. Once I finish my degree and get a job I will be able to experience the world more because I will have more opportunities. One possible obstacle is that school will not always be easy but two solutions are to study and have people in your life to push you to be the best you can

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