DWYA Reflection Of My Personal Strengths

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After viewing the results which were derived from my DWYA report, I obtained a significant amount of information about my abilities to persevere in many situations. One of the personal strengths which were described on the web-pages include my ability to make the right decisions based on my desire to collect facts regarding to the situation at hand. I also tend to present myself as someone who is hard-working and who handles responsibility very well. Another strength which I have is being able to adapt to difficult situations immediately and to produce a viable solution to the issue which I am confronted with. The fourth strength which I wish to describe is my ability to maintain confidence in myself to complete assignments within a timely manner, and being able to identify the goals which I think…show more content…
The fifth strength is my ability to produce practical and realistic solutions to problems which I or other people may encounter. Another strength which I have is being able to make good use of the time which I have in order to complete my work. I am also able to make logical conclusion and choose decisions which take into account all of the views that are present within the situation. Furthermore, I have a strong ability to identify details and to remember the facts. I am also capable of being successful at a large variety of careers because of how I always generate a significant amount of effort in order to achieve the right way of doing things. Last but not least, I am typically successful when placed in a leadership position and am able to choose the most beneficial methods of achieving tasks. The personality which the assessment has assigned me is ESTJ, which stands for Extravert, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging. The report of my personality type describes me as as someone who is able to communicate with many types of people and to convince them to view situations through my perspective. I am fairly strong-willed and I typically persevere through any
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