Examples Of Personal Values In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Personal values and morals are instilled into children by their parents . Jem and Scout Finch, characters from Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, are open minded, educated, young children that have a father named Atticus Finch who tries to teach his children to have sound morals and personal values . The children have not been sheltered from life's hardships due to their father Atticus's views on parenting instead they have learned right from wrong. Atticus Finch believes that not sheltering his kids from the world allows them to form strong morals and values. Atticus Finch does what he believes will help make his children into strong citizens with outstanding values and morals. Atticus has molded his children by exposing them to people in the town of Maycomb who have questionable morals in order to teach his children acceptance. Jem and Scout live in a primarily racist society and learn quickly that the children's …show more content…

Finch instills the importance of getting an education to Scout. Towards the beginning of the book Scout gets into an argument at school causing her not to want to return to school. Atticus hear of this and informs Scout “You Miss Scout Finch, are of common folk. You must obey the law.” (Lee 40). Atticus is teaching Scout not to give up because she has had a bad experience and to be a law abiding citizen even if others do not follow the law. During school Ms. Caroline who is a school teacher tells Scout to stop reading. Ms. Caroline upsets Scout which is another reason Scout does not want to return to school. Atticus explains “ If you’ll concede the necessity of going to school, we’ll go on reading every night..” (Lee 41). Atticus believes that attending school building an educated person who based their morals on information. By Scout continuing to read every night it shows that she possesses drive and motivation to become educated with is a superior quality to have. Atticus shows Scout the importance of getting an education to better

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