Examples Of Persuasive Essay Against Animal Testing

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Today, there are over thousands of chemicals and diseases spread across the world and we don’t know much of its effect. Scientists have spent years on analyzing its effects on animals. Nearly over 100 million of innocent animals die due to the researchers who implement these tests that don’t even help the human race at the end of the day. They use animals such as dogs, and cats and other animal species, they are usually restrained, poisoned, and genetically manipulated. It is more acceptable to have animals served as test subjects opposed to conducting such tests on humans for many obvious reasons. This brings up the question of how are animal testing even ethical within the society we live in. If I wasn’t already being clear enough, I believe it is highly unethical, and there are many different viable options that exist.

Each year, millions of animals are being killed and are being used for experiments by scientists,cosmetic companies and household product. Animal testing is not the way to go, it is just merciless. These poor animals are being stripped away from their psychological and physical needs. It's no different than being sentenced to jail for a crime that you didn’t commit. Currently, millions of cats, and dogs and other animals are being held captive in cages worldwide, they suffer from constant pain, and discomfort. They hopelessly
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Most people are misled on the validity and relevance of the method presented as there is a lack of awareness on the ineffectiveness of animal experimentations.Thus, they express such act as a necessity to the advancement of medical science. In reality, these test provide little progress to the wellbeing of humans as the majority of test results are unsuitable. Therefore, the use of animals for medical testing is unethical, inaccurate, and also there are more than enough technology to resort to rather than animals, especially at this day and

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