Examples Of Persuasive Essay On If I Didn T Get A Trophy

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For multiple reasons, no one should earn a trophy for participation, only if they earned it or won it. The reasons are that the children wouldn 't know that you don 't earn an award for just doing something.You dont earn a reward for making a mistake. Kids would expect to have a reward every time they do something. The trophies would just collect dust on shelves. Having a lot of trophies could make the child brag and show off. Kids would be disappointed if they don 't get an award after getting one every time they do something. The kid would feel spoiled. They would know jhow to actually win. Also it would tell the kid to keep trying. First, the children wouldn 't know that you don 't earn an award for just doing something. As an example, the…show more content…
Also the kid would know what it feels like to actually win. For example, if the kid always gets a trophy for participation then he or she wouldn’t know the feeling of winning. They would just know how to get a participation trophy by participating, and the kid wouldn’t get their moment of winning a victory. A moment of a winning victory is a great feeling. Not getting a trophy would tell the child to keep trying and that they didn’t work hard enough. It would let the kid know that they need to stay encouraged and to work harder. Just because they didn’t get a trophy doesn’t mean that they should give up. Not getting a trophy is just a statement of encouragement. Also if they didn’t get a reward or congratulations doesn’t mean that they didn’t do good. If they knew they were good, then that should tell them to not give up the sport or activity and be negative about themselves. Giving a child a trophy is a choice. To make a better choice you shouldn 't give a child a trophy just for doing something, making a mistake, because it collects dust, kids would be disappointed if you don 't give them one, they would expect one, to brag and show off, to give them a chance to know what to feels like to win, to make them feel spoiled, and it will
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